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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
2017-2018 Warrenton Elementary Secretary04/20/2017ClassifiedWarrenton ElementaryApply
Academy of Innovation History Teacher04/19/2017CertifiedAcademy of InnovationApply
WCHS ENGLISH TEACHER04/19/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
WCHS MATH TEACHER04/19/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
Academy of Innovation KEYSTONE TEACHER04/13/2017CertifiedAcademy of InnovationApply
Academy of Innovation ICT II TEACHER04/13/2017CertifiedAcademy of InnovationApply
Redwood Teacher K- 3rd grade04/12/2017CertifiedRedwood ElementaryApply
Redwood Pre K Teacher04/12/2017CertifiedRedwood ElementaryApply
2017-2018 Warren Central High School Art Teacher04/11/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
2017-2018 WCHS Choir Teacher04/11/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
Physical Education Teacher for VHS04/07/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
Teacher Assistant (possible openings for 2017-2018)03/21/2017ClassifiedAll Elementary SchoolsApply
2017-2018 EARLY COLLEGE CHEMISTRY Teacher03/06/2017CertifiedEARLY COLLEGEApply
2017-2018 VHS Assistant Football Coach03/02/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
2017-2018 Learning Strategies Teacher03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central Junior High SchoolApply
2017-2018 River City Early College Chemistry Teacher03/01/2017CertifiedEARLY COLLEGEApply
2017-2018 WCJHS SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central Junior High SchoolApply
Academy of Innovation Math Teacher03/01/2017CertifiedAcademy of InnovationApply
WCJH KEYSTONE TEACHER (2017-2018)03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central Junior High SchoolApply
ICT TEACHER WCJH03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central Junior High SchoolApply
WCJR MATH TEACHER (2017-2018)03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central Junior High SchoolApply
2017-2018 WCHS Special Education Teachers03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
2017-2018 WCHS Science Teacher03/01/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
Elementary School Principal02/28/2017AdministrativeAll Elementary SchoolsApply
Secondary School Principal02/28/2017AdministrativeAll Secondary SchoolsApply
2017-2018 Special Education Teachers02/28/2017CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Warrenton Elementary Teacher PreK- 6th grade02/28/2017CertifiedWarrenton ElementaryApply
River City Early College ENGLISH TEACHER02/28/2017CertifiedEARLY COLLEGEApply
Warren Central Intermediate Teacher Gifted02/28/2017CertifiedWarren Central IntermediateApply
Vicksburg IntermediateTeacher 3rd- 6th grade02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg IntermediateApply
South Park Elementary Lead Teacher02/28/2017CertifiedSouth Park ElementaryApply
Vicksburg Intermediate Elementary Music Teacher02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg IntermediateApply
South Park Elementary Teacher PreK- 6th grade02/28/2017CertifiedSouth Park ElementaryApply
Dana Rd Elementary Art Teacher02/28/2017CertifiedDana ElementaryApply
Dana Road Elementary Teacher PreK- 3rd grade02/28/2017CertifiedDana ElementaryApply
VJHS MATH TEACHER02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg Junior High SchoolApply
Bovina Elementary Teacher PreK- 6th grade02/28/2017CertifiedBovina Elementary SchoolApply
VHS SCIENCE TEACHER02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
2017-2018 VHS ENGLISH TEACHER02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
Beechwood ElementaryTeacher PreK- 6th grade02/28/2017CertifiedBeechwood Elementary SchoolApply
VHS SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
Vicksburg High School Art Teachers02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
Sherman Ave. Elementary Physical Education Teacher02/28/2017CertifiedSherman Ave. ElementaryApply
VHS Math Teachers02/28/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
Sherman Ave. Elementary Teacher PreK- 3rd grade02/28/2017CertifiedSherman Ave. ElementaryApply
VHS ASST. GIRLS SOCCER COACH02/08/2017CoachingVicksburg High SchoolApply
2017-2018 VJHS Special Education Teachers02/06/2017CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
WCHS Swim Coach-Teaching Field open 2017-201801/26/2017CertifiedWarren Central High SchoolApply
VHS 9th grade Cheerleader Coach-Teaching field open01/26/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply
VHS VOLLEYBALL COACH Teaching Field open01/26/2017CertifiedVicksburg High SchoolApply